Chaotic Neutral, grants Knowledge and Life domains


Erelin is the goddess of artifice, both aesthetic and practical, and is typically shown as a four-armed dwarf at an anvil, wreathed in flames and with her left arms crafting a sword and her right crafting a plow. On the fourth day of creation, inspired by PatzaĆ«l’s creation of the gnomes, Erelin crafted the first dwarves from granite pillars at the base of Mount Botar.


Erelin eschews traditional worship and temples, considering them to be wastes of perfectly good space that could be better used for a workshop or studio. As such her worship is primarily conducted at workspaces or home shrines belonging to artisans and artists. She favors worship through deeds over worship purely through prayer and ritual: dedication of a particularly fine sword or painting to her is her most holy rite.


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