Neutral Good, grants Knowledge and Life domains


The goddess of magic, love, and the Six Moons, Patzaël is typically shown in art as a motherly woman of the artist’s race with six arms and a halo containing a six-pointed star. On the third night of creation, after Atasen and the other gods had gone away to rest and contemplate, Patzaël, in a fit of restlessness, created the moons, so that she might have enough light to continue her work in creating the ley lines, with the aid of the Gnomes whom she made from the first pieces of metal to be touched by light from all six moons.


Unlike the other gods, Patzaël’s holy days and ceremonies are calculated by a lunar calendar based on the movements and phases of Zadoton, the largest of the moons, though the others’ positions play a role in determining how the ceremonies are conducted. Her temples are vast, often doubling as public libraries, and her clergy are frequently hired by well-to-do families to act as private tutors. Even smaller pantheons in rural villages usually will have at least an introductory text on magic.


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