Chaotic Neutral, grants Nature, Tempest, and Trickery domains


Commonly depicted in iconography as a young male human or elf with large horns or antlers dressed in rough furs or else as a stag, Rubolaz is the god of the forests and the sun. In the times of myth he roamed the entirety of the material plane’s surface in the form of a great stag, eventually reaching the holy forest of Abetaal, where he took the heartwood of the two trees at the darkest heart of the woods, an oak and an ash, and shaped it in his image into the first elves.


While formal temples to Rubolaz do exist in some cities, the majority of his worship is conducted in sacred groves and at natural landmarks, such as waterfalls. His priesthood has no formal, codified vestments, the only constistant theme is the nigh-universality of a horned headdress.


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