True Neutral, grants no domains


The creator of the universe and all other gods, Atasen will only ever intervene on the Material Plane in situations of cosmic importance. Most mortal theologians are divided into two basic camps with regards to the meanings of this, with some teaching that Atasen’s non-intervention is based on a desire to observe their creation grow and adapt, caring more about the process than the outcome; while others believe that Atasen is concerned with matters so much more important that the affairs of mortals that they do not even notice the happenings on the Material Plane.

Dranites, (followers of the fallen god Bosdran,) who are universally derided as heretics, believe that Atasen’s behavior is motivated by either laziness or a desire to see mortals suffer, and that Bosdran will one day overthrow them and take the throne of Heaven.


Atasen has no priesthood and does not grant any form of divine magic to their followers. There is additionally no universally-recognized symbol for Atasen and different cultures depict them in iconography drastically differently.


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