Lawful Good, grants Life, Light, and War domains


The leader of Heaven’s forces during the Great Heresy, Kaziel is typically depicted as a massive haloed dragon with scales made from mithril. During the war, as the forces of darkness threatened to destroy the infant civilizations, Kaziel took fire, and formed it into the Dragonborn as material reflections of himself. He is considered to be a severe and strict deity, and places a heavy emphasis on zeal and opposition to darkness and evil.


Kaziel’s worship is the most formalized of any of the gods, with his temples operating in a strict hierarchy from the lowest altar server to the Council of the Ten Archbishops. His clergy can be readily distinguished by their striking red cassocks and mitres. His temples typically have ornate stained-glass windows depicting him striking down Bosdran during the Great Heresy and, in areas with a significant Dragonborn population, the creation of their race.


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