Lawful Neutral, grants War domain


Sirton is the highest judge of Heaven and god of commerce and law. Artwork of him depicts him as a stern human male carrying a pair of scales and an executioner’s axe with ten wings and three concentric semi-circular halos, regardless of the race of the artist. On the final day of creation, after he was able to survey the entirety of the Material Plane, Sirton gathered up clay and from it created humanity to be the perfect fit for the world, capable of adapting to about every climate the gods had made.


With the exception of Kaziel, Sirton has the most formalized worship of any of the gods, with a ritual conducted by his priests in Delezar and the same ritual conducted by those from Roarn, halfway across the globe, being almost identical apart from the language and the aesthetics of the temple. His priests typically dress in white and gold cassocks.


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